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Some commercial products we have worked on

This was originally a non-graphical web-based product. Which required the addition of a real-time, multiple machine interface displaying in 3d what is happening inside the 'Technosphere'. The system was on view at the National Museum of Film, Photography and Television in Bradford for a number of years.

Back to Baghdad
Published by Military Simulations Inc. Long in the tooth now, and no longer on sale, this product is important in the history of Bedrock-Software as it is this product which opened the way to Military Programming!

Commercial Products

Since the nineteen-nineties, and into the 21st century, Bedrock Software has been part the modern military and civil simulation industry, playing a part in large complex projects that often require the talents of a multi-company partnership.

Consequently, it would not be correct to claim sole rights on the design and build of all the works done, however, we are proud to be a part of the team responsible for a myriad of projects, some well known, and some by they very nature, unknown.

As permissions are granted (where possible), the list below will grow to show what we have been up to.