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Military/Training Simulation Systems

Back to Baghdad
Published by Military Simulations Inc. Long in the tooth now, and no longer on sale, this product is important in the history of Bedrock-Software as it is this product which opened the way to Military Programming!

ACT Simulator System
A mutilple F16 flight training simulation system running F16 flight-simulaters on PC's running Windows 95 connected over a network using Sim-Tools. Early versions were successfully showed at the USAF 50 Anniversary in Las Vegas).

Low cost military flight simulator
A low cost PC based air combat trainer (sit in flight-simulation system). It is a multi-machine system able to support up to six out the window 3d systems (front, left, right, up, down and rear), as well as a multi-headed 2d system for cockpit detail.

Missile flight visualation system
3D-visualisation tool for an American company wishing to be able to input their own calculated movement data to be able to watch the 'live-action' from many different angles. Reams of data generated by a highbrow system needed to be shown in a 3D world, showing actual flightpaths, actions etc. The end result was rather like a video player, but you could move the camera round as you liked!

Making the world safer

Since the nineties, and into the 21st century, Bedrock Software has been worked in the military and civil simulation industry, playing a part in large complex projects that often require the talents of a multi-company partnership.

Consequently, it would not be correct to claim sole rights on the design and build of all the works done, however, we are proud to be a part of the team responsible for a myriad of projects, some well known, and some by they very nature, unknown.

As permissions are granted (where possible), the list below will grow to show what we have been up to.