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Air Combat Trainer (ACT)

As Back to Baghdad was a particularly accurate F16 simulation it attracted a lot of interest from US Military pilots not content with flying all week, who being in love with the job, wanting to fly at weekends as well. This in turn was noticed by others in the Military industry, And the Air Combat Trainer was born.

At a trade show in Florida, we had the an upgraded game version running on a PC with a 3dfx card, On day two, after word had got round, we has a steady flow of F16 pilots, past and present coming to the stand to fly it. Most if not all had bought the game and were sitting down to fly better than we could!

Being PC based it was low cost. The operating system was converted from DOS to Windows 95 and a multiple Screen 2D system was added. Networking was added by SAIC and FAAC using Sim-Tools, and a cockpit shell and instrumentation added by Military Simulations Inc. Early versions were successfully showed at the USAF 50 Anniversary in Las Vegas.

Using the original Back To Baghdad terrain the 3D visuals were similar to that of the original game, however, faster machines and the use of Realimation to drive 3dfx cards meant the frame rate had been significantly improved.

One of our partners, FAAC maintains a page dedicated to the ACT.

From the show

  • High Fidelity F-16 Flight Model
  • Complete Avionics Package
  • Realistic Cockpit
  • High Fidelity Air and Ground Threat Server
  • DMA Terrain/Imagery
  • Networked via the DIS Protocol
  • PC-Based Open Architecture